La Commedia è finita! / The comedy is finished!

—Canio’s finishing line, after killing both Nedda and Silvio, in Leoncavallo’s Pagliacci.

Cute Owls Being Petted Compilation

"I’ll tell you why I’m so thrilled about colors. Ten years ago I was allowed to shoot in the staff restrooms of a grocery store. I had to squeeze two actors, the entire crew, equipment and lights—all into a room measuring 2x2.5 meters. It was not possible to paint the white wall. When I was making I Hired a Contract Killer in London, I went totally berserk. I realized that I could influence these things. Before that I had always been forced to shoot at supermarkets, between packs of sausages and cold storage equipment. With Killer I realized that I could put color on the walls, how wild this can be. All you need is a color chart in your pocket… [Edward] Hopper’s influence is quite strong. I like his austerity. The clear colors. I like playing with colors, extending them beyond reality.” [1996]

"The head is a big cooking pot in which all ingredients are haphazardly mixed: everything you have experienced, read, seen in films. Then you ladle it out with what I hope is some kind of logic. For instance, blue-gray is my basic set design color, and that is from Melville, and then I may add some red because a red teapot looks good in Ozu’s films. I just use a fire extinguisher because our tea ceremony is so underdeveloped." [2011]

Aki Kaurismäki

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This is Matthias Wandel. He’s showing how to make his marble blocks for the marble machine.

Please. More people like this in the world. Thanks.

Nike SB Lunar One Shot Crystal Mint.

One of my The Smashing Pumpkins all time absolute favs.
Zero b-side.

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Brand new Chvrches video: Lies.

One of my Morrissey favs: »You Must Please Remember« with the images of Tony Richardson’s screen adaptation of Shelagh Delaney’s play A Taste Of Honey.